Biblical Sex

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Calebb Cross, the author of this site (and the upcoming books) holds a decades-old degree in theological studies from a prestigious institution of higher theological learning.  He holds a very conservative view of Scripture, strict interpretation technique, and has wrestled with this topic, searched and compared Scripture with Scripture for those decades. He is careful not to superimpose "cultural viewpoint" over that which Scripture states, whether that culture is of the world, of the church, or of another faith.  Only careful study of the Scriptures brings about conclusion. On the points that the Scriptures are silent or inconclusive, any conclusion drawn is identified as opinion.

The purpose of this site is to foster honest, controlled discussion about topics that affect every person and to build upon the contributions of many. Your opinions are welcome.

Please be kind to each other. Please practice that which we preach.  None of us will agree with everything any one person writes, but we can conduct ourselves with dignity and care. 

To any atheists/agnostics who may visit; please feel free to contribute with either observation or question. You will be addressed kindly and with care you are due.

Calebb Cross



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